Website Terms

Effective January 1, 2017

SaberisConnect is the property of Saberis Inc. All rights reserved. SaberisConnect is provided on a ‘software as a service’ basis to subscribers. No rights in or to SaberisConnect are transferred to you except as expressly provided in writing by Saberis Inc.

You may only access to SaberisConnect if you are an authorized user, currently designated as such by a subscriber to SaberisConnect which has a valid and fully paid subscription (the “Subscriber” and the “Subscription”) to SaberisConnect.

All rights to access and use SaberisConnect are as set out in the Subscription.

Your use must comply with all terms and conditions of the Subscription. You may not provide access to SaberisConnect to any other person, or share your login credentials or access. You may not use SaberisConnect to provide services to others except as expressly provided in the Subscription. You shall not reverse engineer, download, modify, or interfere with SaberisConnect.

Saberis may modify the terms of the Subscription, and amend or terminate your ability to access SaberisConnect at any time, with or without the knowledge or consent of the Subscriber.

Last Updated January 1, 2017